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Hang out with all your friends at a Gaming Party that appeals to all your senses: from a super sound system to seven 4k screens to the latest consoles, all in an incredibly futuristic environment! Organize your very own FIFA Party and challenge your opponents on the grass, fight your way through the worlds of Fortnite or throw bananas at a Super Mario Party… Which motto of the Gaming Party suits you?

Our supervisor is on site

Change games, give tips, or just let them gamble in peace until you’re tired of moving. Whatever is desired, our on-site supervisor will take care of everything!

Kinder die sich freuen

The newest consoles

Guaranteed something for every guest: Playstations, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, RetroPie! In addition there are 4 screens inside and 3 on the outside = lots of fun, space and movement!

Sideboard with playstation controller

What you have to do!

Send us an inquiry today and you will get a suitable offer! As soon as we have reserved an appointment with you, you will only have to provide a sufficiently large parking area and a normal electricity connection for the day!

Kids running to the bus

Your crew and the bus

Play once undisturbed in the best gaming party environment ever, with your very own choice of games and your rules. If you wish, we can also create individual materials for your party (party bags or invitations). The team will be happy to advise you on the prices!

Shows the neon inside of the bus

“Omg!! What a brilliant party we had for our son’s 8th birthday. The guys that came with the bus and ran the party so smoothly were fantastic. I would definitely recommend The Gaming Bus. Great job and a very well done. A massive thank you.”


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