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Gaming Party Bus FAQ’S

Buchung Gaming Party Bus

How do I know that my booking has been confirmed?

After we have received the signed offer from you, you will receive a written confirmation for the booked event from us in return.

Can I also pay in cash?

Of course you can also pay in cash. Please hand over the money after the event to the driver, who will immediately give you a receipt to sign. The original of the receipt will be sent to you, the copy will be placed in our files.

Is the Gaming Party Bus exclusively for corporate events?

Absolutely not! With the Gaming Party Bus, we also enjoy attending children’s parties, birthdays, weddings, festivals and stag parties.

How and when do I pay for my booking?

We will issue a final invoice after the event and send it to you by e-mail. You will then transfer the outstanding amount to our bank account within 14 days.

What does the booking of the Gaming Party Bus include?

Please take this information from the offer made for you. We offer different packages as well as different Add Ons for the bookings.

How can I book the Gaming Party Bus?

Please send us an inquiry via the contact form or contact us by phone or e-mail. We will then send you an adequate offer as soon as possible. If the offer meets your expectations, please sign it and send it back to info@gamingpartybus.de.

How many people will fit in the Gaming Party Bus?

The Gaming Party Bus can seat up to 8 adults or 16 children. In addition, we have screens on the outside of the bus, allowing more guests to play.

Can the Gaming Party Bus drive during use?

No, we can’t transport anyone on the Gaming Party Bus. The consoles are only used when the bus is safely parked.

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What if a parking ticket is needed or a parking fine is issued?

If parking has to be paid for on site, it must be arranged by the person responsible for the booking (customer). If there is not enough parking space and a parking fine is issued, the person who made the booking is also responsible for paying the fine.

Can we offer food and drinks on the Gaming Party Bus?

No, due to the sensitivity of the technical equipment we ask all guests not to take food or drinks on the bus.

Who is responsible for the parking space?

The responsibility for a sufficiently large parking area to park the bus always lies with the customer making the booking.

Can I book the Gaming Party Bus even if the location does not have a power supply?

We can rent you a generator and operate the bus without an external socket.

What power supply does the Gaming Party Bus need?

We only need a normal 230 Volt socket so that we have enough power to run the equipment in the vehicle. We will bring everything we need, like extension cables.

How much parking space is required?

The bus is 9 meters long and about 2.5 meters wide. To park comfortably you need an area of 2.5 normal parking spaces.

What do I have to do as a customer?

All we need from you is sufficient parking space and access to a power outlet (max. 15m distance).

How does an event take place?

Our supervisor will contact you by phone the day before or the morning of the event to confirm all details. Our supervisor and the Gaming Party Bus will arrive 30 minutes before the event starts and everything will be set up, i.e. the bus will be supplied with power and all consoles will be set up correctly. The setup usually does not take longer than 15 minutes and our supervisor is always available for all your questions. After the setup we are ready for your guests and help to provide them with the right console / game and pass on all our gaming tips and tricks to you. Our supervisor will point this out to the contact person 30 minutes before the end of the booked time and will carefully dismantle everything again after the end of the event.


What are the age limits for children?

Here we orient ourselves on the recommendations of the game producers and the parental approvals.

What games are available?

Before the event we will gladly send you an overview of all available games.

Can we choose which games to play?

Yes, on board we have a large selection of games available. These can be selected and switched on in consultation with your advisor.

How many screens does the Gaming Party Bus have?

We have installed a total of seven 4k screens in the Gaming Party Bus. Four of them are in the bus and three on the outside of the bus.

What consoles does the Gaming Party Bus have?

Our gaming party bus has several Playstation´s, XBOX One´s, Nintendo Switch and RetroPie.

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